January 31, 2010

Little Bones.

The vines tangle around my legs making it harder to run,
As if they are speaking to me.
"No, don't go that way," They say.
"You'll never come back,
No one ever does."

The trees are sleeping,
Their bones showing through the moonlight,
Scratching knotches into each other
Counting the days they've been dead,
Their voices itchy and dry like the cracked ground
Where the rocks move on their own.

Under the leaves is a room,
Where i can still see my breath,
And the wolves are sleeping.
"You've been missed" They will say,
Pawing at my bones.

The whole time i can only think about you,
How you said "Take me away from this place,"
Pleading eyes,
Pictures painted with bleeding flowers.

But the wolves are smiling,
Waking up,
Showing their fangs.
"We can smell you,
Come here,
Little Bones,"
Their breath stirring up dust.

i feel like a tiny bug stuck in a spider's web,
But i think i'm stronger than that.
i growl and hiss
Until i think they are more afraid of me
Than i am of them.
"You aren't wolves;
You are mice!" i say,
Showing them my teeth,
My little bones.

i want to take you away from that place,
Somewhere you've never seen.
Where doe faced girls are in the meadow,
And i tell you i want to chase them.
"i just want to run!" i say.
The sunlight is laces of yellow ribbon,
Streaming low through the trees,
Tiny pink and white flowers tangled in my hair.
When you smile at me,
Your teeth look sharp,
And i want to touch them,
Your razor teeth.

We don't have to leave your bed,
Watching the moon fill the sky,
Bigger and bigger until there is nothing left but pearls.
i'll run my fingers over your body,
Tracing your pulse through your veins,
Feeling your chest where your voice comes out.
You'll wrap us in your bedsheets,
And we'll be wide eyed,
catlike lovers,
Arching our backs and sleeping in all day.

Sometimes i wish he still knew i existed. i've been waiting for the wrong people, and sometimes i'm afraid he isn't real either, like a ghost, transparent.
Maybe i'm too complex for anyone interesting.

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