January 30, 2010

Shoot the kids at school...

It's cold and snowing and i'm at my friends' Frankie and Rocky's house.
We made a snowman and put a giant purple dildo on it as the dick, then pushed each other down the street on cardboard boxes because we don't have sleds.
We had 40's and got pretty wasted.
*thumbs up*
After that we made a giant snowball, rolling it until the three of us couldn't push it anymore, and left it in the middle of the street.
i'm pretty sure Frankie and i were getting hypothermia because neither one of us felt cold really, and when we stripped in her kitchen, my "warm" feet were bright red and her chest was too. i seriously thought my feet felt good...
She ended up having to get up in the morning to remove the dildo because some man and his kids were walking down the street, and he was shielding their eyes, haha. Someone had already pushed the snowball out of the middle of the road, though.

i haven't had that much fun drunk in a long time.
Usually i'm with Mark and we get into a fight and i tell him i'm going to leave because i can't sleep while he's calling me a bitch and a slut and shit for no reason.
Frankie and Rocky said that if we ended up breaking up (which i;m pretty sure that's what is going to happen) that i can live with them.
i told them i'd get a job with Frankie at some fast food resturant, because i'm sure i'd have fun with her there.

The snow is still coming down, and it's really cold because she doesn't have heat, so i'm cuddled up under my electric blanket with their blind eyed black cat Grizabella. She's very strange, so i think she pretty much fits in here nicely.
The last time it snowed was the first time i realized that snowflakes really look like what they do in drawings and stuff.
Usually, when i wish for snow, it snows really lightly and it's all shimmery, like glitter is falling from the sky. i guess that's what my snow looks like, because before everything i wished for happened, i had never seen snow like that before.

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