April 24, 2010

i am part of this planet, so when the earth trembles, so do i.

The code word is "Ghost".

Sometimes i wonder what is going to happen to everything in the end.
Like, when i whisper "We're all going to die," and i get this feeling like it will be an all-at-once kind of thing; not something that is going to come with time.

Sometimes i just feel like singing so loudly that i can wake up all the neighbors from their bad dreams, like midnight thunder rushing through the clouds and ending in their hollow chests.
i don't think i'll ever wake up.

The words are thinner now, no longer coming out of our throats like the dense forests that i used to run to.
They're all i have left, i've always thought.
Words no one seems to want.

Except me.

Earth pulses and breaks apart under our feet, cracking, drying out.
i think that she's getting tired of holding the weight of us all.
No one believed in the unknown, so maybe it doesn't exist anymore.
There won't be anyone to save me in the end, and i'm kind of getting used to the idea that i'm probably the only one.

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  1. i just remembered that "The codeword is 'Ghost.'" came from a dream that my best friend Frankie had. i just thought it was really cool, apparently.

    Art is by Matthew Woodson.