June 19, 2010


We are animals,
Wild midnight creatures,
Dancing like mad lovers,
Our bodies pulsing,
Pale and naked in moonlight.
Heat is radiating from your palms onto my face,
And all i can see are your eyes,
Dark against the light;
Your lips moving in whispers against the silence.
"We'll be okay," you promise
As i dig my feet into the thick web of tiny roots
Woven into the dirt.
i think,
If i try hard enough,
That we'll both just become trees.

We had both been there,
In that dead electric city
Where the voices never stopped,
Even though the words never would come.
We felt trapped in cages,
Broken bones,
Hungry because we never could get enough.

My lips were poetic,
But felt numb before.
The man said "Sing,"
His calloused fingers feeling for notes along the strings.
And when i tried
i only screamed
Until Nothing came out.
The buildings were crumbling;
Bits of stone,
Splinters of brick in my hands and feet.

When you found me,
(You say i found you)
i was tangled in vines
Growing from a crack in the wall,
Covered in dirt.
Your voice broke my silence
Like glass against the ground,
As if it was the end of the world.
Something happened,
Emerged with the wilted leaves covering my mouth.
"Run," You whispered
Almost soundless.

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