March 25, 2013


I feel like spring,
As if I am Persephone,
But the cold is Pluto
Wrapping his dark cold arms around me,
Chilling my fingers
As the wind roars through the budded branches of trees.
And as I sing,
The petals fall,
Words clinging to my lips,
Falling to the frozen ground
Still caked heavy with decaying leaves.

I have tasted the sweetness of a pomegranate,
But the tiny pits are becoming soured
Causing my stomach to churn,
Like talking about yourself in third person
Because you do not want them to know it was you all along.
I know I must stay here,
I tell myself,
Hoping to remember something lost so long ago.

The feeling of a pulse.
A heart beating faster with every kiss.
Breath heavy against my neck.
Faces fading more quickly than I could recognize,
As we tangled ourselves together
Like wild animals clashing
Teeth and claws exposing
Ripping at one another without flinching.