September 4, 2010

i've Got Nothing Left.

The smoke follows my fingers
When the sun rises,
Kissing my face through the trees.
And i wonder what you are thinking When i am running away,
When i stay up all night,
My body covered with paint.

Your vocal chords move in such a beautiful way,
every word with feeling,
stabbing my chest,
blood filling my lungs.
And what would you think?
The photographs fading in water and sunlight,
My mouth screaming silence.

i found you like a cat,
Licking wounds,
Catching mice,
Another diety.
Your mouth opens in a whisper,
And then i remember.
i remember how i knew about you.
You were a little boy,
your dark hair hanging in your face.
The branches of the tree finding your arms, legs, feet.
Rough against your skin.

i want you to find me again,
Hiding in the woods,
frogs in my mouth,
dirt caked beneath my fingernails.
i want you to catch me chasing girls with ribbons in their hair,
running barefoot over autumn.
The air brushing against my skin,
words coming from places i cannot explain.

Music drips from your palms,
Orcestras fall from your lips.
Lovers die and are reborn in my chest as words,
sobbing incoherently,
growing like weeds.
It was a mistake not writing you poetry,
meaningless sentences that mean so much to me.

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